As a recent graduate, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a wide-ranging skillset to the table. With experience in JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, SQL, Dart, HTML, and CSS, I have the versatility to tackle any project.

My practical experiences have provided a strong foundation to my theoretical knowledge. I've collaborated with a startup, Food Magnet, developing a mobile app using Flutter during my senior design class. Additionally, I've delved into JAMstack development, creating a website for a family-owned business using Next.js, Sanity CMS, and Cloudflare Pages. This website has been re-purposed into an open-source template, 'Next Sanity Pet Starter'.

To further demonstrate my skills, I've developed a Python-based application named 'Booster Pack Checker' using web scraping techniques and an SQLite database. In the spirit of collaboration and learning, I've made several of my projects available on GitHub, for those who wish to explore the way I work.

I'm passionate about coding, always ready to take on new challenges, and currently seeking opportunities in software engineering. With a drive to continuously learn and adapt, I am excited to bring my collaborative spirit and problem-solving mindset to a dynamic team.

Discover my projects, delve into my open-source templates, or simply get in touch. I look forward to our journey ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of software development.

Skills Overview
- Python
- JavaScript
- TypeScript
- Java
- Dart
- C
- C++
- Next.js
- Sanity CMS
- Cloudflare Pages
- Flutter
- SQLite
- Tailwind CSS
- Pandas
- NumPy